2-step Hydration for Sensitive Skin

*Symptoms are in response to environmental triggers or skin products. May not be constantly present.

Daily habits that dry your skin

Roughly 70% of the population believe that they experience symptoms of sensitive skin[1] which include, but are not limited to, redness, itching, tightness and stinging.[2]

There are a range of possible triggers for periods of sensitive skin. Triggers are unique to the individual and could be things such as stress,[1] the weather, menstrual cycle (for women) or certain personal care products and clothing fabrics.[3,4]

People that experience the symptoms of sensitive skin also tend to have a compromised skin barrier,[1] and experience skin dryness as a result of this.[4]

So what’s the difference between Sensitive Skin and Dry Skin?

Dryness can cause your skin to:[5]

·         Itch

·         Scale or flake

·         Feel rough

Sensitive Skin can cause your skin to:[1]

·         Sting

·         Become red and/ or dry

·         Feel tight and uncomfortable


Find your triggers for dry and sensitive skin, and help avoid them using our tips below!


Tips for dry and sensitive skin

  • Clinically tested with 15% Glycerin to help hydrate dry, itchy and sensitive skin.
  • A natural component of the skin's oil which helps to retain moisture.
  • An active role in skin hydration, skin cell turnover and lipid balance.
  • A direct impact on improved skin hydration, elasticity, barrier function recovery.

Reference: Greive K. Glycerine: the naturally effective humectant. Dermatological Nursing 2012;11(1):30–34.

2-step Hydration for Sensitive Skin

Free from fragrance and common irritants. Does not strip away the skin's natural oils like soap can.

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